Can you believe it’s already the end of April? We can’t either!

With wedding season QUICKLY approaching, we wanted to revisit one of our most popular blogs “2016 Wedding Trend Predictions” to see which trends are here to stay and which ones were just a passing phrase. We looked to our friends at BrideBox for some insider knowledge.

Decadent Decor

2016 is the year of bright, bold colors. While some brides are sticking with the more traditional, neutral colors, more and more are incorporating bright pops of color. Another big trend in 2016 so far has been the use of metallic accents. From dazzling bridesmaids dresses to sparkling cakes, brides are adding sequins and glitter to compliment their wedding colors.

Wedding Themes

Rustic is still number one. However, many couples are adding an elegant twist and going for a more “rustic-chic” look. Twinkling lights, candles and extravagant floral arrangements give a country barn a more sophisticated look and feel. Romantic lighting goes hand in hand with this theme. Candles, lanterns, bistro lighting and other creative options provide a soft glow that adds just an extra dab of romance.

Menu Options

Couples are getting more creative in 2016. From serving style to appetizer and alcohol pairings, every aspect of the food experience is being explored and tweaked in new ways. A really popular trend we’ve seen is incorporating food trucks rather than formal catering. With an emphasis on family, couples are encouraging a social atmosphere rather than a stuffy, sit-down meal. The best part is that couples are opting for food stations so that guests can keep partying responsibly throughout the night!

Signature Drinks

This is huge. The traditional open bar is seeing a unique upgrade to serving signature cocktails, his and hers style. The bride and the groom can feature their favorite beverage on the drink menu, giving the bar a more personal feel. Another popular trend is pairing drinks and food (i.e. tacos and mini margaritas).

Gather The Memories

Wedding photography is revolutionizing. With all the new technology and smartphone apps, social media is bringing a new perspective to capturing the big day. Using hashtags or setting up your own photo booth, couples can encourage guests to capture and share more “behind the scenes” moments. More photos mean more memories!

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