Minimalism at weddings is back in a big way and we love it. We’ve seen some great examples of less-is-more, really focusing on the bride and groom rather than all the decorations/food/lighting/ around them. If you’re looking to plan a minimalist wedding, consider the following ideas:

  • Create a table place setting with a neutral color palette. Rather than thinking about accent colors, consider incorporating textures and different materials that feel modern. Work with your team to see how the same color can be translated and transformed.
  • We know white is usually reserved for your wedding dress only but why not see how it can play in your color palette? White works well to pick up on the details of texture in your linen or the edges of your invitations. Consider how clean white looks painted on glass, stacked together as plates, etc.
  • Especially in Colorado, bringing in natural elements is very popular. Look at different shades of wood, gold leaf, pastel flowers, etc.
  • Consider using food as the anchor for your design. You can use fruits like grapes and plums as your accent color rather than bringing in additional linens.
  • Remember, keep it simple! Your guests don’t need a lot of extra “things” – they just need good food and good company.


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