When you’re planning a wedding or any event, every detail counts. If you’re satisfied with simply draping a napkin under a charger plate, that’s perfectly fine but remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to YOUR event! If you’re looking to do something a little more unique and detailed, there are several napkin folding options to choose from that will add pizzaz to your table and impress your guests. Click on the photos for step-by-step visual directions.

The Classic Napkin Fold


This fold is simple and provides a clean, elegant look on your table settings. It can be done in just a few quick steps, so if you’re looking for a clean, modern look – try this one!

  1. Start with the napkin facing up
  2. Flip the napkin over
  3. Fold the top half down
  4. Fold the napkin in half again
  5. Fold in half one more time
  6. Presto!

The Diamond Menu Pocket Fold


While a little more complicated, this fold looks great with a textured napkin and a more rustic theme. Our favorite part is that this fold is designed to feature a pocket when finished, which is perfect for showing off your menu, name card or itinerary. We suggest using a solid, textured linen to really show off the clean lines and angles.

  1. Start with the napkin facing up
  2. Fold the napkin in half
  3. Fold the napkin in half vertically
  4. Rotate the square so open flaps are pointing away from you
  5. Fold the first layer down
  6. Fold the next layer down, slightly above the first fold
  7. Fold the third layer down, slightly above the second fold
  8. Flip the napkin over
  9. Fold the right side over one third
  10. Fold the left side over one third, meeting in the middle
  11. Flip the napkin back over
  12. Place your menu, itinerary or whatever in the pocket!

The Pocket Menu Fold


Wishing you could combine the classic and the diamond? Well, you can! The Pocket Menu Fold option provides the clean, modern and simple look for the Classic Fold with the form and functionality of the Diamond Pocket Fold. This napkin is incredibly versatile and great for sold or patterns.

  1. Start with the napkin facing up
  2. Fold the napkin in half
  3. Fold the top flap half way down
  4. Flip the napkin over
  5. Fold the napkin in half
  6. Fold in half again, from the same side
  7. Place menu or itinerary inside the pocket!

If you have any questions about adding pizzaz to your table setting, feel free to contact us and talk to our experienced event specialists!

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