Planning a corporate event is often easier said than done. In our experience, starting with a budget and giving yourself enough time to plan can help reduce some stress. Before planning what food to serve or how to decorate, you need to understand what your budget is. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on your party but make sure you’re not dipping into funds that have been set aside for other things.

When you start planning, ask yourself some questions: What do you want your guests to remember? Are you hoping for a sit-down dinner or buffet? Do you want to have a speaker? What about live entertainment? You’ll have to decide what the most important part of the event should be so you can stay focused.

When choosing where to hold your corporate event, there are several potential venues to choose from. It’s important to remember that renting out a hotel ballroom can cost significantly more than reserving a room in a restaurant; both could cost more than renting a tent and holding the event outdoors (even in the winter!). We’re partial but tents are wide open and just waiting for your personal touch to transform them into whatever you want.

When it comes to thinking about food, what you choose will greatly affect your budget. Some things to think about: plated dinners are generally more expensive. Yes, it’s easier to control how much food everyone gets but these kinds of dinners require a lot of extras such as wait staff, bussing staff and a clean up crew. On the other hand, buffet dinners usually mean less waste/clean-up and allow more flexibility for your guests.

Planning a corporate event starts with a budget. It’s important to do your research and be very specific about the cost of things. Estimating can be dangerous! Make sure to include ALL costs such as:

  • Party rentals – tent, tables, chairs, stage, podium
  • Decor – centerpieces, special lighting, any other decorations
  • Speaker/Entertainment
  • Catering – Remember, this will change if your guest list increases or decreases
  • Set up/Break Down Crew

Decide what you want to do, how to afford it and of course – have fun planning and throwing an awesome party!


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