We all know that social media has really made its way into pretty much every inch of our lives, including special and intimate events such as weddings, birthday parties and graduations. While we understand wanting a Facebook-free ceremony, we also know how much you’ll appreciate having those memories in the future. We’ve put together some how social media at your wedding can really enhance your event without being obnoxious.

Create a Unique Hashtag

Hashtags are not only fun and catchy but also the easiest way to access all the pictures from your wedding or event in one, easy stream. Especially on Instagram or Facebook, it’s beyond easy to just click on your linked hashtag to see all the photos associated with that tag. Need help brainstorming your own tag? Check out these tips and tricks from Wedding Wire. Make sure your guests know about it!

Don’t Miss a Moment

Bring the guest of honor is hard work – you’re being pulled in a million different directions, trying to say hello to everyone. Since you’re the center of attention, you might miss something hilarious happening on the other side of the dance floor. Social media helps to ensure you’ll be able to catch up on the action later, from multiple perspectives.

Share Photos With Family

If you had some family members that weren’t able to make it, social media is a great way to share photos! In fact, WedSocial is a great app to help share wedding photos. You can make private albums so it’s easy to share with people that may have missed the big day.

Easy & Affordable

What better way to decorate your new house or apartment than with pictures of your big event? It’s super easy to turn Instagram photos into memories using tools like Printstagram and Shutterfly. Transform your smartphone photos into anything from fridge magnets to wall calendars and holiday cards.

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