Just a few years ago, good event-planning tools were extremely hard to come by. Today, event planners have some awesome tools at their disposal that are also available to the average party planner. Forbes put together a great list of the latest and great apps for event and wedding planners. The goal of using these apps isn’t to take away your creativity or freedom, they are meant to help you be more organized and less stressed. Check them out:

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Browse Pinterest for Creative Inspiration: One of the most popular and useful apps for finding creative inspiration is Pinterest. Here, you can collect and share images without worrying about copyright infringement since it’s so simple to give credit where credit is due. When you’re in the planning stages of your event, you can browse through thousands of photos to find inspiration. You’d be surprised by the number of event decor, design and theme ideas you’ll find! The best part? Pinterest is completely free to use.

Stay Organized with Evernote: The minute you start to plan an event, Evernote will become your best friend. This awesome app allows you to keep everything you need in one convenient place without images, Word docs and emails flying all over the place. You can even store entire web pages with Evernote! Finding what you’re looking for is simple because you can categorize everything as needed by adding tags. A basic membership is free and goes up to $5/month for premium.

Communicate with Team Members via Slack: It’s like AIM for adults! As an event coordinator, you’re likely having to manage a large team in addition to various outside vendors. Slack makes communication efficient and instantaneous with “chat room” like messages. The app (which can be used on desktop and mobile) allows you to create separate groups so you can keep Family Members and Event Vendors separate.

Collect Event Images with Capsule: While using a unique hashtag to collect all your event images, it’s not always the most reliable. Capsule is a great solution. Ask your family members, guests, vendors, etc. to download the Capsule Photo App to make it easy to import all the photos they take at your event. No more chasing down people for their photos! The Capsule app is totally free and totally awesome.

Schedule Meetings with Doodle: While you likely schedule your meetings on you Google calendar, it’s sometimes hard to coordinate meeting times between a number of people. Doodle allows you to propose different options and get poll-like responses from each attendee. Less back and forth emails hopefully means less stress.

Keep Your Team Informed with Blossom: This is a great project management tool designed to let you follow event progress in stages. It was actually designed for use by tech companies to keep track of product development but has evolved and works perfectly for managing events! You can create “cards” for each event task, which can then be moved from stage to stage as each part is completed. You can also add in “client approval” steps for final approval.

Manage Registration with Bizzabo: Eventbite is awesome but Bizzabo allows you to create an event, add ticket types, build an event website and send out invitations all within one application. The app helps you stay on top of what people are saying on social media and allows you to send push notifications the day of the event. You can alert attendees about delays or changes right from the app. Bizzabo plans range from free to paid custom plans.

Clearly, there are a LOT of awesome event planning apps and web tools out there to help you make your next event one to remember! Do you have any tools that you’ve used before? Let us know!

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