When Benson Tent Rent first started, there used to be only one or two tent styles to choose from. Today, there are several styles and set ups available, making the decision a little more taxing. Since we deal with tents all day, every day, we’ve put together 10 of the most popular tent styles available. Whether you’re looking for something traditional and elegant or unique and funky, there’s a tent for you!

POLE TENT | As the name suggests, this tent is supported by poles and guy-wires. Usually, it has a big showy top with one or more peaks. Pole tents are beautiful and elegant, providing a sophisticated look with the right details. The only catch is that pole tents must be staked into the ground, making them slightly less versatile than some other types of tents. At Benson Tent Rent, we have several variations of the traditional pole tent and our expert event planners can help you find the perfect one for your your occasion.

FRAME TENT | This is one of the most common types of party tents. We have frame tents in different sizes and with white or clear tops, depending on the look and feel you are going for. Rather than poles, it uses a metal frame to support the weight and is usually free standing. The frame tent can be set up on most solid surfaces, including grass or concrete. While usually they are not as elegant as the pole tent, it is definitely more versatile and has plenty of built-in space for hanging decorations.

SAILCLOTH TENT | These are the newest addition to the Benson Tent Rent inventory. They are growing increasingly more popular because of the sailcloth material used rather than a vinyl and the wooden poles used rather than metal. The translucent fabric adds a beautiful, romantic glow to the interior space of the tent. The extra-high ceiling and curved lines make it a beautiful choice for any occasion. The only downside is that, like a pole tent, the sailcloth tent requires extensive staking so it is not suitable for all surfaces.

CLEAR TENT | The clear tent is a frame-based tent with a clear vinyl top. The nice part about a clear top is that you and your guests can dance and dine under the stars with the added bonus of being protected from the elements. A clear tent is perfect for the unpredictable weather – even if you don’t want one, your guests will probably end up thanking you.

Some other popular tents include: Marquee tents, Beach-Style tents, Carnival tents and Yurts. While we do not have these types of tents, we can certainly work with you to create the look and feel you’re going for. Our expert event planners have experience with everything form corporate events to lavish weddings.

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