The holiday season might be over but it’s not too late to through a holiday party. If you’re still looking to throw a holiday party, we’ve got some tips and suggestions to help you throw a success party:

Unless you booked it in advance, finding a party room at a restaurant or bar or event center is going to be expensive or impossible. Though having a holiday house party might sound like a good idea, it always ends up being more work than you anticipate. So why not consider a tent rental? Just because its wintertime, don’t rule out an outdoor party. Renting with Benson Tent Rent will allow you to hold an event at any location like your back yard, a local park, etc. We’ll work with you to determine the proper size tent and help you decorate this great, big blank canvas.

An important part of keeping the tent warm is making sure to your guests can maintain warm feet with a dance floor. Benson Tent Rent can help you find the best flooring option, which will also help add to the ambiance of the whole party. BUT we can’t stop with just a floor to keep guests warm during a winter party. For your holiday party, we’ll suggest tall, portable heaters that can be controlled to provide just the right amount of heat to keep your guests comfortable.

As much as we love the magic of fires, they are not generally recommended near tents. That being said, we can help you create a special mood through candles and other cozy elements. Why not incorporate plush pillows for seating throughout the area? What about individual fleece blankets for your guests? If you know your guests pretty well, you can even provide fuzzy socks or fuzzy slippers to wear when dress shoes get uncomfortable. Keep the lighting soft with covered candles (or even the fake flame version) or hanging lanterns – anything besides that sterile white light!

Keeping your guests warm during an outdoor party is crucial. Cold guests are likely not going to enjoy themselves or stick around for too long. Benson Tent Rent will work with you to determine what kind of heating options will work best for you and your party. We can’t wait to help plan your party!

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