Planning a summer wedding for 2018 or putting the final touches on your wedding for this year? Our friends at The Knot compiled an awesome list of summer wedding trends to help you break from tradition and really stand out. Check it out:

  1. For good reason, summer weddings usually feature more color than winter weddings; however, if you try to use too many of your favorite shades in one space, it could backfire. Instead, consider sticking with just 2 hues. Accent colors are a great way to make statement – think bold centerpieces or bright table linens. We understand color seems like a seemingly small detail but you and your guests will certainly notice if there is a not-so-tasteful color explosion, especially in pictures.
  2. At Benson Tent Rent, we love to throw a good party and that always includes good music! Sure, feel free to kick off cocktail hour with something light, like a pianist, but also consider creating a more summertime vibe with steel drums or a guitarist. When you move to the reception, your guests are expecting a party, so think about incorporating a big band or DJ playing Top 40 tracks.
  3. It’s your wedding – why not make it personal? Yes, beach and garden themes are classic for summer weddings but consider bringing in elements that resonate with you and even some of your guests. Another great idea is to incorporate your honeymoon destination: if you’re jetting off to Hawaii, incorporate orchids into your flower arrangements.
  4. Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to have nontraditional centerpieces. Work with your florist and get creative – consider using a hollowed watermelon as a pseudo vase for a more casual look that is fun and festive. If you’re going for a more earthy look, you can use wood vases or pedestals with moss to bring a more natural but textured feel.
  5. If you haven’t heard, frose is the drink of the summer and if you’re hosting a summer wedding, your guests will definitely be looking for cold/refreshing drinks. Wine smoothies are perfect because they are not quite as boozy as margaritas and not packed with sugar. Work with your caterer/bar tender to create a signature concoction and surprise your guests with something cool and tasty.
  6. It’s true, no wedding is complete without a wedding cake but do guests really want cake in the middle of the summer? We love the idea of serving other desserts like cupcakes or fresh fruit. If you’re feeling particularly season, consider hiring an ice cream truck to arrive towards the end of the night offering nostalgic, summertime favorites!

Again, summer is a popular time for weddings but the doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to tradition. Whether you’re working on the details of your summer wedding or just getting started, consider working with your vendors to create a unique, memorable experience for you and your guests!

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