Pinterest has completely revolutionized the way couples plan weddings, for better and for worse. With so much available on the internet, planning your dream wedding has become even more overwhelming than it would have been 20 years ago. While you proudly look at your curate Pinterest board, the unpleasant reality sets in – there is no way your “real world” budget can cover all of these extra expenses. But your wedding just won’t be complete without the make your own chocolate sundae bar! Don’t worry – you don’t have to let the internet ruin your plans

  • What’s good on Pinterest may actually be difficult in execution. DIY projects actually always take longer than the instructions say and half the time they don’t really turn out the way you had hoped. We’re not saying you shouldn’t DIY some items to make your wedding feel more personal, but you should consider the time, money and energy things will actually take. Most of the people at your wedding know how difficult it is to plan a wedding, so there’s no shame in basic flower arrangements and simple linens.
  • Remember, your wedding is about representing you and your partner to the best of your abilities; do things that represent YOU, not Pinterest!
  • Focus on the essentials (i.e. plates, tables, chairs, good food, music). Pinterest is great for inspiration but there’s nothing wrong with putting your budget towards things you NEED before going after the extra things. If you plan early enough, you can get deals on big things like catering and build room in your budget for the “sprinkles on top.”
  • Remember, your guests want to eat and drink and dance the night away, in celebration of you!
  • Getting a good deal doesn’t mean you’re choosing the lesser option. If your aunt owns a catering company and is willing to give you a family discount, why not use this to your advantage?
  • Don’t give up on Pinterest! It is a great spot for idea generation but remember to use good judgement and keep your real life budget in mind.

No matter what decisions you make, Benson Tent Rent is here to help you make your dream wedding become a reality!

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