At Benson Tent Rent, we love Fall weddings – especially Colorado Fall weddings! Our friends at The Knot have put together some hot wedding trends to watch out for this Fall.

  • Darker colors, like plum and burgundy, are at the top of the list for wedding color schemes this year
  • Pastels and neutrals are still popular accent colors (think Millennial pink)
  • Metallic accents are popular right now; the reflective materials add another dimension of depth to any color pallet. So far, copper seems to be the hue of choice
  • When it comes to cake, simple is in. According to The Knot, “humble tiers and topper-less cakes have officially arrived for the season.”
  • Translucent cakes are the new naked cake. These cakes have a very thin layer of frosting, exposing just a bit of cake. Couples are adding a drizzle of caramel or chocolate ganache as a delicious “cherry on top”
  • Since couples are opting for smaller cakes (we all know that people are trending toward less sugar), they are supplementing the dessert course with fall favorites, like apple pie
  • While your guests are excited to share this special day, they often don’t hold on to things like the program/itinerary. Instead, opt for a big chalkboard to tell your guests what to expect.
  • A Fall wedding means a strapless dress might not be the best option. Longer sleeves and cozy layers are perfect for unpredictable Colorado weather
  • The two-piece wedding dress is taking bridal fashion by storm
  • The second wedding dress is also a popular option – when it’s time for the reception, make a quick change into a shorter, fun number that allows you to dance the night away
  • Wild-looking flowers are king in the land of bridal florals
  • With sustainability in mind, brides are opting for succulents as table centerpieces and allowing guests to take them home with them at the end of the night. Plants last longer than flowers!
  • Creative food and drink stations are still popular right now but not just dessert bars – coffee stands, DIY tacos, food trucks and even BBQ stations are finding their way into weddings
  • If your location is close to your heart, consider following the local and seasonally driven food trend
  • Reception decor is heading to new heights! The space between the tabletops and ceiling is being taken advantage of, in the best way possible – think tall candles or chandeliers
  • No matter what your theme or colors, calligraphy brings a personalized vibe to your decorations

What other Fall wedding trends are you seeing? Let us know!

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