Sailcloth Tent | Tidewater Tent | Sperry Tent

While there might be different names for this tent, the beauty and benefits are the same. The newest addition to Benson Tent Rent’s inventory, the Sailcloth Tent, is the ideal setting for your next big event. Similar to the traditional pole tent, the Sailcloth Tent has center poles that are rounded at the end. Usually, the center poles vary in height to create a unique “wave” look.

The Sailcloth Tent has uniquely elegant lines, an effervescent glow and charming look. The distinct sculpted peaks provide a hint of nautical flare mixed with Disney fairy tale feel. The stitching pattern of the fabric is really where the name sailcloth comes from. Additionally, the sail cloth fabric is translucent, which not only enhances daytime events with warm, natural sun light but also has a dramatic glow when lit for evening gatherings. The Sailcloth Tent provides the perfect setting for your event, no matter what time of day.

Especially in a place like Colorado, we know that durability is a top priority, which is another reason we love this tent. The Sailcloth Tent is waterproof and built strong to provide you with assurance that your big day will go off as planned. Benson Tent Rent also offers multiple styles of sidewall protection to be available if Colorado weather surprises you or if you’re looking to fully enclose your space during the colder months.

We had a great time experimenting with and setting up a number of Sailcloth Tents this summer. The unique fabric and structure allow for a great deal of freedom and creativity when it comes to styling. We look forward to more tent-spiration!

Benson Tent Rent has three different sizes of Sailcloth Tents available for rent:

The experts at BTR are always available to help you decide which size is best for your event. If you’re not sure whether a Sailcloth Tent is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us!